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Exclusive Marketing Directory

Get quality exposure to potential clients by listing your profile in our exclusive Marketing Directory

Premium Business Tools

Upgrade your telehealth, scheduling, and billing experience for you and your clients by using our custom-built tools

Superior Customer Service

Work with a dedicated customer success team that is here to support you as your run your own private practice

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Secure Client Messaging Portal:

Make it easy for your clients to securely contact you to schedule upcoming appointments and ask questions.

HIPAA-compliant ZOOM:

Use best-in-class, HIPAA-compliant video for secure teletherapy appointments, every session.

Appointment Confirmation Tools:

Confirm all details of upcoming appointments with clients in one simple step.


Securely store credit cards and charge clients for seamless payment processing.

Paperless Consent Forms:

Send templated client consent forms directly from our Client Messaging Portal for quick and easy completion.

Frame Marketing Directory:

Broaden exposure to potential clients by listing your profile on Frame’s exclusive provider directory.

Therapist Referral Network:COMING SOON!

Connect and build relationships with other Frame therapists; Share and receive quality referrals to support one another’s growth in business.

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Essential Plan

$40 a month$20 a month for your first year!

To access comparable tools on your own you would need to sign up for at least 3 different services which would cost upwards of $105.

What you get...

  • Secure Client Messaging Portal
  • HIPAA-compliant
  • Appointment Confirmation Tools
  • Seamless Billing
  • Paperless Consent Forms
  • Frame Marketing Directory

Commonly Asked Questions

Frame’s offerings were designed by therapists, for therapists. We make it easy to invite your entire list of clients onto the platform so that you can use our tools for your entire practice (HIPAA-compliant Zoom, Secure Messaging, Billing, Superbills).

Many of our therapists continue to use Simple Practice for client notes (electronic health records) but have found that our features around telehealth, secure messaging, scheduling and billing are easier to use and preferred by their clients. We have lots of therapists on our platform that use both and we’ve priced Frame accordingly.

By joining Frame you have the option to list your profile on the Frame Marketing Directory. As with any marketing directory, we can't guarantee you new clients. However, we have built a proprietary matching algorithm to ensure that the clients you do get are a better fit. Frame also drives potential clients to the Marketing Directory through our strategic approach. We use press, paid acquisition, social promotion, and our most unique offering - Frame Digital Discussions, all working to build an engaged community.

Adding extra value for your Clients

We’re dedicated to continued education and support for your clients. Frame offers FREE on-demand and live discussions, led by licensed therapists, in the form of 1:1 conversations and Q&A sessions.

If you are in crisis, please call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK(8255) or contact Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741.